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New From Guitarist Michael Kalisky Schutz, “WHOAMI”



Michael Kalisky Schutz’s third album titled “WHOAMI” (Who am I?) was composed, arranged, and recorded in Tel Aviv. 

Release Date: July 12th, 2024

Following up his first two releases The Voice of Peace and BACKWISE, Boston-based guitarist and composer Michael Kalisky Schutz is proud to present WHOAMI, an album he poignantly describes as “my journal with myself.” On the cover is a striking image by noted photographer Rupert Truman, inspired by the innovative album cover work of the late Storm Thorgerson: we see a person in what seems to be a spacesuit and helmet, no face visible, standing in a sparse forest, gently grasping a folded handwritten lead sheet, a guitar slung over their back. Are they heading to a gig, pondering their place in the universe? “They are far from humanity,” muses Kalisky, “trying to reach the audience, to make it easier for them to connect to the music.”, The cover corresponds to the era of classic vinyl albums, where artwork held an iconic and central status in music, sometimes conveying a philosophical meaning.

Release Date: July 12th, 2024

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