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JGT Newsroom

New Violinmaster Telecaster Relic Guitar From Fender’s Custom Shop

Bob Bakert, Editor

Happy Birthday, Pat!

Chuck Anderson

How To Stimulate Your Chord Progressions

Mark Stefani

Mark Stefani’s Sound Thinking with Bass Lines

Guest Perspectives

Corey Christiansen Shares How He Gets His “Sound”

Ted Ludwig

Ted Ludwig’s Jazz ‘Lick of the Week’ #17

Joe Barth

Celebrating the Artistry of Grant Green

Thomas Amoriello Jr.

Guitarist Alex Skolnick Explores New Territory

Leon Rodriguez

What You Need To Know About ‘In Position Vertical Cycles’

Zakk Jones

How to Comp Like Ed Bickert

Bill Farrish

Bill Farrish Lesson: ‘My Funny Valentine’ Arrangement

Jonathan Ross

Interview with Jazz Guitarist and Educator Bob Palmieri

Marc Silver

New JGT Series: Acoustic Flattops in Jazz, Pat Metheny

Vince Lewis

“At Last” We Have a Small Chord Exercise

Trey Wright

JGT Video Lesson: Half Step Approach Chords

Wayne Goins

Exclusive Interview: Jazz Guitarist Jacques Lesure

Frank Vignola

It’s That Time…Frank Vignola Provides His Chord Melody of a Christmas Classic

John Stowell

Guitarist John Stowell Performs an Original Composition, ‘Always Sometimes’

Beth Marlis

Meet Jocelyn Gould… Rising Guitar Star, Bandleader and Guitar Department Head

Taylor Roberts

Why I Switched to a 7-String Guitar, Part 2

Dustin Fichter

Different Approach to the Blues

David Frackenpohl

Dave Frackenpohl Transcribes Chet Baker For Guitar

Evan Skopp

How do I go About Selecting a Pickup for My Guitar?

Charles Williams

Happy 76! Pat Martino

John March

Mixing for Jazz…One Man’s Perspective

Giuseppe Continenza

Giuseppe Continenza’s Chord Melody Secrets Revealed, Part 1

Brad Jeter

Fender 75th Anniversary Telecaster Review: An Incredible Value Under $1000

Bill Hart

Top 10 Great Jazz Guitar Solos

Billy Wilkie

Call it “D Dorian – G Altered – C Maj​ Lickomania”

Tom Lippincott

What You Need To Know About Rhythm, Lesson #3

Ray Matuza

Keeping the Live Music Scene at the Forefront

Joe Finn

Larry Coryell’s Autobiography, Improvising: My Life In Music

Ivan Gygi

What To Know About Quartal Harmony and the Tritone Substitution

Sean McGowan

Video Review: Henriksen JazzAmp TEN Combo Amplifier

Frank Hamilton

Focus, Drive, Imagination and Dedication… Barney Kessel

Bobby Broom

10 Standards for Transitioning from Blues/Rock to Jazz Guitar

Barry Wahrhaftig

JGT Lesson: ‘Waltz For Debby’ Etude

Wes RD Wraggett

Bach to the Future Continues

Doug Martin

JGT Masterworks Spotlight: Otto D’Ambrosio’s Allegro Special

Tyrone Jackson

What Jazz Pianists Want To Tell Guitarists, Part 2

Anthony Mancini

Amp-Effects Modeling: A Perspective from a Working-Class Guitarist

Mark Altekruse

It’s Hard to Define ‘Jazz’…but this is Pretty Darn Close​

Raul Amador

Looking for the ​Highest Quality Signal with your Cables?

Wolf Marshall

PAT MARTINO: A Tribute by Wolf Marshall

Pat Bianchi

Top 10 Jazz Organ Trios

Mitch Chmara

My Absolute Favorite Top 10 Jazz Guitar Solos

Ede Wright

A Lesson in Rhythm for Guitarists

George Walker Petit

One Man’s Quest for His ‘Dream’ Guitar

Jackson Evans

JGT Album Review: William Flynn and Tim Fischer, Cross Country

Mark Herring

JGT Review: Dave Stryker’s – Eight Track III

James Galloway

JGT Review: Godin ACS Nylon String/Synth Guitar

Curtis Jones

A tribute to Al Di Meola, John McLaughlin, and Paco de Lucía’s Classic Performance, “FRIDAY NIGHT IN SAN FRANCISCO”

Paul Fischer

Atlanta Jazz Scene: Rich in Jam Sessions, But Gigs?

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