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Fibonacci Guitars is well-known for its boutique-style fine handmade archtop guitars.


Fibonacci Guitars is located in London, one of the World’s most vibrant international hubs for music. Their studio is critically important in the development of new products. It ensures that the new designs are exposed to a wide variety of players, and are tested in a ‘real’ and demanding environment for refinement, before going into production. In fact, it is the case that there are numerous recent album releases with recordings of FIBONACCI® prototype guitars ‘sprinkled’ all over them as part of this ongoing research and development process.

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For many years now, the team behind FIBONACCI® has been instrumental in collaborating with various, artists, designers and luthiers in developing, and delivering to market, many of the recent releases previously manufactured, under license, by Peerless. Notably, releases such as the Martin Taylor Maestro & Virtuoso Signatures, the Retromatic ‘P’ & ‘B’ series, and most recently, the Jezebel and Retromatic 131 range. These collaborations continue at with all of the designs now independently manufactured and branded under FIBONACCI® GUITARS, or under the artist’s own signature.

With the greatest of respect accorded to the mathematical genius of LEONARDO FIBONACCI®, the evolution of the ‘GOLDEN RATIO’ and all things ‘PHI’, other than musical scales, they do not play any ‘numbers’ game. The emphasis at is on quality, not quantity; they keep production levels low and manageable, thus ensuring quality is paramount.

All of the materials specified to produce a FIBONACCI® GUITAR are seasoned and responsibly sourced without restriction, from various suppliers around the world. All final assembly, painting, nitrocellulose lacquering and hand finishing, using genuine quality components, takes place in the UK. All of the hardware products specified for use on a FIBONACCI® GUITAR are guaranteed to be genuine branded parts, produced only by authorized manufacturers.

What you will receive when you purchase a FIBONACCI® GUITAR is a quality, completely hand-crafted instrument, hand-finished in the UK to the highest standards.

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