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Theo Scharpach builds Fine Archtops and Classical concert guitars from his shop in the Netherlands.

Theo Scharpach Guitars

Theo Scharpach is recognized as being one of the finest Archtop guitar makers in Europe today. He has been building Archtops for over 40 and his exclusively handmade guitars feature some of the finest, incredible, old stocked woods.

The son of a watchmaker, Theo graduated with a diploma in Arts and later received his diploma in the restoration of antique furniture.

To date, his guitars have been played by some of the greats, including Al di Meola, Steve Howe, Chieli Minucci, Randy Bachman, Ahmet Kanneci, Camillo Sauvalle, Andreas Dombert, amongst others, as well as famous collectors like Scott Chinery. [View More Scharpach Guitars History]

Luthier, Theo Scharpach

Luthier, Theo Scharpach
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“I want my guitars to offer many tonal colours, great dynamic range, and yet to have an intimacy, as I feel that is the true sound of the instrument called a guitar.”

Theo Scharpach participated in the famous Scott Chinery collection of Blue Archtop Guitars, being the only European maker invited to participate. His 25th-anniversary Blue guitar is the only one made after that unique event and is currently only available for a selected audience.

For his Archtops, Theo mostly uses the woods purchased already in 1985 from the widow of Artur Lang, a well-known German guitar maker living in Garmisch Partenkirchen. Although some of the woods may have minor visual flaws, it is acoustically far-out superior to any fresh woods due to the extreme age. The roughly pre-cut tops do sound like a bell. Theo estimates that they have been stored to dry in the workshop of Lang for more the 40 years. This means the wood is now close 80 years old.



The Vienna is made for the most passionate Archtop lover, player, and collector. The architectural purity of the design gives the guitar a clean shape that presents the essence of the sound. All design details enhance the beauty and the basic shape of the guitar. All the proportions are perfectly balanced creating a very dynamic powerful elegance. Yet this is done without any extrovert features that would distract the eye. The Vienna features old stock wood and uses exclusive unique hardware like hand-engraved tuning covers and tailpiece, solid silver tuning knobs, and all fine gold-plated. [View More]


This fully acoustic guitar is inspired by the early works of Orville Gibson around 1920-1930. With a strong simplicity of the design, Theo Scharpach has brought the design back into the 21 first Century. The beautiful mellow Honey Blonde fits perfectly with the beauty of the wood, which is over 30 years old.  [View More]

Guitarist: Stochelo Rosenberg

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