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Dan Smocke builds handcrafted archtop guitars and mandolins from his shop in Little Chute, WI.



Dan Smocke is a custom builder of archtop guitars and mandolins.  He specializes in multi-scale instruments, 7-8 string jazz guitars, 12 string archtop acoustics as well as 6 string guitars and mandolins.

Luthier - Dan Smocke

Luthier, Dan Smocke
(262) 758-7397
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He is a self-taught luthier based on the teachings of John D’Angelico, James D. Aquisto, Irving Sloane, Robert Benedetto, Roger Siminoff, and many other master luthiers.  He concentrates his efforts on a full-time basis crafting unique, one of a kind instruments similar to the path Jimmy D’Aquisto took in his later career. 


Dan is very passionate about making archtop guitars and mandolins to exacting standards.  He employs modern innovation while retaining traditional archtop designs with precision craftsmanship.  But yet, it is somewhat of a contemplative process for him. Many times he sets out to build an instrument with a design in mind but occasionally it takes on its own personality and voice.  He has to listen to this new “voice” or direction.  He has learned to trust the direction the instrument is taking him, as it provides value to the completed instrument.

I  pay close attention to every meticulous detail, especially the tone of the guitar.  The tonal complexity, clarity, depth, volume and “throatiness” of sound is constantly on my mind during the build process.”  —

Dan Smocke


Features: Master grade solid wood, highly figured solid wood binding, stealth control knobs, highly figured overlay for headstock, finger rest, and tailpiece.  All Collector Series instruments are commissioned for the private collector and complete confidentiality of the collector is maintained at all times. VIEW MORE

Features: AAA grade solid wood, solid wood binding, stealth control knobs, figured overlay for headstock, finger rest, and tailpiece.  Each instrument is completely built using natural hot hide glue for excellent sound vibration transfer throughout the instrument.  VIEW MORE

Features: A grade or AA grade solid wood (never plywood), plastic binding, control knobs instead of stealth knobs, minimal upgrades.  Each instrument is completely built using Titebond glue allowing normal attention by the gigging musician with regards to heat and cold temperatures. VIEW MORE


Dan also excels in guitar repair and include the following: fingerboard replacement, complete refrets, broken headstock repairs, tops cracks, repaired guitar necks, neck alignment, truss rod adjustments, fret dressings, fingerboard leveling, tuner replacement, fret buzz removal, handmade custom compensated bridges, pickup replacement and routed new pockets for pickups, finish touch-ups and new instrument finishing using nitrocellulose lacquer, waterborne lacquer, and French polishing.

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