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Ryan Thorell is known for world-class original guitars collected and coveted by some of the best musicians around the planet including Frank Vignola, John Pizzarelli, Tommy Emmanuel, and many others.

Thorell Fine Guitars


Thorell Fine Guitars are all built one at a time by luthier Ryan Thorell in Logan Utah. Ryan built his first guitar in 1994 opened his shop and started selling fine handmade instruments in 2003. He has averaged 10 guitars a year ever since putting around two hundred Thorell guitars all around the world where they are collected and valued among the best instruments available. Ryan’s archtops are known for an original feel yet a distinct and vintage steeped style. His flattops carry sound reminiscent of the golden years of the last century yet with modern improvements and superb playability.

Thorell Fine Guitars

Luthier: Ryan Thorell, Thorell Fine Guitars
Phone: 435.713.9507
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After celebrating twenty years in business this past year Ryan Thorell has been busy envisioning the next twenty years and what possibilities and unique creations he can bring to the world of handmade instruments. This past year he worked with renowned guitarist John Pizzarelli to re-imagine the laminated archtop guitar creating a brand new design the double top half carved archtop. Using old-growth reclaimed pine aged for around one hundred years for the interior woods the guitar which is uniquely pressed to further age the thicker stock shop cut laminations are pressed and further carved in a proprietary methodology resulting in a beautiful, rich-toned, old-sounding instrument with true modern playability and excellent acoustic plus uniform stage to stage high volume sound and reactivity. Ryan’s acoustic archtops are known around the world for unparalleled tone and sought-after thought-out ergonomics and playability. The radical Thorell FV redefined the archtop guitar in the early 2000’s with a completely unique approach to the instrument affording the architecture of a Selmer-style guitar in a carved small body uniquely braced archtop. This guitar now in production at Eastman Guitars has become a world-renowned style of archtop guitar all on its own promoted and played by guitarists in a multitude of genres namely the great Frank Vignola.

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