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Marchione Guitars is known for its high-end, handmade guitars by Luthier Stephen Marchione.

Stephen Marchione, Marchione Guitars


Marchione Guitars are original designs handmade and carefully crafted in Texas. We choose to re-cut, and air dry all our wood in our studio using premium woods and the highest quality components. Working closely with our customers to satisfy their needs allows us to provide a real custom experience. Our guitars have tremendous projection and give a broad, pleasing voice at full acoustic volume. These instruments are built to last for more than a century.

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Luthier: Stephen Marchione
Phone: (713) 522 7221
Social: Facebook | Instagram | YouTube

Stephen Marchione, Marchione Guitars


Stephen Marchione started building instruments in 1990 after graduating with a B.A. in Music. He completed his graduate education in Spanish Culture, with an SBA in Business. He apprenticed with John Suhr at Pensa Suhr Guitars and studied privately with violin makers Guy Rabut and Charles Rufino.

Stephen opened his first shop in 1993 in New York City where he earned a reputation as Master Luthier. In 2001, Stephen moved to Houston, Texas where he built a studio exclusively to make guitars. Stephen has been perfecting his skills for over 30 years and his instruments are a true example of his craftsmanship.

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