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New “Contemporary Latin Jazz Guitar Volume 2 Solos” Book



“Contemporary Latin Jazz Guitar Volume 2 Solos” is the definitive guide that will transform your approach to improvisation.

Neff Irizarry’s book is a treasure trove for guitarists, featuring 54 artist transcriptions from legends like Steve Khan, George Benson, Carlos Santana, Bruce Forman, Peter Bernstein, Arsenio Rodriguez, Yomo Toro, Carlos Emilio Morales, and Edgardo Miranda, among others. Each transcription is a masterclass in itself, offering you a firsthand look at the techniques and styles of these iconic musicians. Whether you’re looking to deepen your rhythmic understanding, expand your melodic vocabulary, or refine your harmonic sensibilities, this book provides the tools and inspiration you need. Unlock your potential and add authentic “Sabor” to your playing by learning from the best in the field.

You can find the book HERE

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