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Jackson Evans is a professional touring jazz guitarist based in Savannah, GA.

With three studio albums and solid touring schedule, Jackson Evans is in-demand as a bandleader, composer, arranger and accompanist.  Jackson also works with Benedetto Guitars. When he’s not picking, he enjoys racing bicycles and spending time with his wife, Maggie and rescue dog, Carter. Visit online: (Photo: Geoff L. Johnson)

We caught up with Jackson – he shared what he’s been listening to lately…

Wayne Wilkinson

Yours, Yours, Yours (2017)

Wayne is the heir apparent as the current king of chopsy swing and bebop guitar. Heavy tempos with real-deal swing feel make this my pick for laundry duty or any task requiring a motivating soundtrack. VIEW

Julian Lage

Modern Lore (2018) and Arc Light (2016)

I think Julian is a genuine iconoclast and a once-in-a-generation individualist with a very unique voice. These two albums saw him leave behind his signature, acoustic sounds in exchange for a Telecaster and a floppy speaker. It’s a gutsy move resulting in music that is energizing, happy, and uplifting. VIEW

Corey Christiansen 

Dusk (2017) and Factory Girl (2016)

Tone for DAYS! I may be biased since Corey was an early and heavy influence.. he was my first guitar teacher as a very impressionable teenager and his father/teacher was my mentor and professor in college. I feel like he has really arrived at his own aesthetic on these two albums that they reflect his love for all things guitar regardless of genre. VIEW DUSK VIEW FACTORY GIRL

John Scofield

Past and Present (2016)

This album is full of super catchy tunes played from a place of joy. It comes across as though Sco and Lovano are hanging out, having a blast, playing tunes and someone just happened to record it. VIEW

Freddy Cole (Randy Napoleon, Guitar)

My Mood is You (2018)

Freddy (quite rightfully) doesn’t like to be compared to his famous brother but there is something about the classic sound of this album that makes me think about Nat’s trio with Oscar Moore on guitar. To me, that’s the pinnacle of the classic jazz and this album keeps up with that musical standard. Randy is a hero of mine because of the taste, harmonic depth, and incredible tone he pull out of his guitar. VIEW

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