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Brand New Fret-King and Vintage Electrics at NAMM ’19



Brand New Fret-King and Vintage Electrics at NAMM ’19

Fret-King Jorgenson is back in…red?

John Jorgenson’s eclectic influences and kitchen sink playing style demanded a Fret-King signature instrument that is every bit as flexible, adaptable and multi-faceted as he is.

A matched pair of specially calibrated Wilkinson WVT pickups are coupled with two auxiliary ‘ghost’ coils, to provide hum-cancelling, as well as classic single coil quack and honk thanks to the Varicoil™ control.

Jorgenson demanded that his signature guitar be capable of switching from smoking hot gypsy jazz to cutting country and shred at the roll of a dial, and the FKV25JCAR doesn’t disappoint.

Vintage’s biggest electric release – ever!

2019 is set to be huge for Vintage guitars; widely regarded for the quality and playability of their instruments, the popular brand arrives in Anaheim preparing to unveil the biggest ever collection of new electric guitars in their history – a clear statement of intent for the year ahead.

V100 to receive pro shop treatment

The top-selling Vintage V100 has found favour with guitarists of all ages and musical styles in the last two decades, thanks to its enormous sustain, and unique evolutionary body shape with a graceful descending bass side shoulder and an ingeniously designed offset heel to provide improved access to the ‘upper frets and opening up your playing.

Not happy to sleep on that success however, Vintage has given one of their best-loved guitars the custom shop treatment for 2019, with new models offering all-new pickup configurations, colourways and hardware. What’s more, all of the 2019 Vintage V100 models come equipped with Graphtech NuBone XB nuts which provide enhanced bass response and greater lower register harmonics.

The Vintage V100MP sports a Natural Maple finish, gold hardware and a pair of Wilkinson® WOHHB open double coil pickups which provide almost limitless sustain, ideal for cranking out your own fuzz-fuelled runaway riffs.

The Vintage V1003CSB is one of a selection of triple pickup V100s to debut in 2019. Dressed in a glamtastic Cherry Sunburst finish, the V1003CSB is outfitted with a trio of Wilkinson® WOHHB double coil pickups – an uncovered, unadulterated tonal triplet that sound super hot!

A glorious new addition to the Vintage stable, the V1003BB is a true thoroughbred. Resplendent in Boulevard Black, the V1003BB features a trio of Wilkinson® WOHCB double coil pickups, for brand new, mid-rich tones.

Joining the Vintage three pickup club, is the V1003AW, in Arctic White. Complete with gold hardware, black control knobs and scratchplate, the V1003AW sports the same Wilkinson® WOHCB double coil pickups and WJ303 machine heads as the V1003BB.

If regal appearance, expanded tone options and near-infinite sustain are on your list of guitar ‘must haves’, the V1003 is everything you’ve been waiting for.

The V100NB is the ultimate recording electric guitar. Available in two Sunburst colourways, Tobacco and Cherry, the V100NB is stripped right back to the basics, with the onus squarely on good, honest tone and functionality.

The V100PBB comes equipped with a pair of Wilkinson® W90 SK Black pickups to offer a pleasant tonal twist to its stablemates.

Defined lows, throaty mids and transparent highs are all part of the package, whilst gold Wilkinson® hardware ensures that the V100PBB looks every bit as classy as it sounds.

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