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Taylor® Guitars’ Small Bodied Grand Concert Shape Now Powered By Award-Winning V-Class™ Bracing



Taylor® Guitars’ Small Bodied Grand Concert Shape Now Powered By Award-Winning V-Class™ Bracing

Today Taylor® Guitars expands the range of guitars outfitted with its award-winning V-Class™ bracing, adding multiple models in the Grand Concert body shape – a smaller-bodied guitar known for its physical comfort and intimate feel and sound. Offered in a breadth of musical flavors, V-Class bracing will now be featured in Taylor’s 300, 500 and 800/800 Deluxe Series Grand Concert guitars, with a number of different wood pairings to choose from, including both 12-fret and 14-fret editions as well as cutaway and non cutaway models.

In 2018 Taylor launched V-Class bracing,its revolutionary new bracing architecture, developed by Master Guitar Designer Andy Powers, exclusively in the company’s Grand Auditorium body shape.

The innovative bracing architecture acts as a new sonic engine, drastically enhancing the guitar’s volume, projection and sustain, as well as improving the instrument’s intonation. The response from industry experts and players of all levels has been overwhelmingly positive, and since its arrival, enthusiasts have been asking when the bracing system will be integrated into Taylor’s other popular body shapes.

The Grand Concert body’s compact footprint and shallower depth compared to other Taylor body styles create a natural feeling of intimacy that translates into a uniquely expressive playing experience.

“With those compact dimensions, it feels like you have a more direct connection with the guitar because physically it feels closer to you,” Powers says. “ And its voice will match that feeling, so when you play a note, you feel like you have more control over it. So it feels like a more personal guitar. ”

Another distinction of Taylor’s Grand Concert shape is that it is produced in both 14-fret and 12-fret configurations.

While each offers its own unique feel and sound (due to different neck lengths and bridge positions), the V-Class architecture creates an even more dramatic sonic differentiation between the two. The 14-fret produces a vibrant sound with pleasing chime and articulation that will appeal to fingerstyle players, while the 12-fret adds warmth and sweetness. Together with the different wood pairing options, the result is an impressive breadth of V-Class Grand Concert musical flavors for players to explore.

Despite its intimate feel, the Grand Concert has developed a reputation as a guitar with surprising dynamic range — capable of punching above its weight — and that’s truer than ever with the V-Class design.

“It’s a little guitar with a big voice,” says, Powers of the new V-Class Grand Concert models.

“You hear all this gorgeous charisma. The V-Class architecture allows every single note to be there, every note is in tune, and you get this warm, sweet character that’s really appealing.”

Taylor will launch the new V-Class bracing Grand Concert Models in the 800/800 Deluxe,500,and 300 Series,which together encompass 15 different models. The 800/800 Deluxe Series feature arosewood/spruce wood pairing; the 500 Series offers a choice of mahogany with cedar or all mahogany;and the 300 Series presents sapele/spruce and blackwood/mahogany options.

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