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Oz Noy’s Improv Wizard – A TrueFire Interactive Video Course



Oz Noy’s Improv Wizard – A TrueFire Interactive Video Course

“I always loved the sound of rock and the blues … and I also love the sound of a Fender guitar.  But, I have also studied a lot of jazz and have a big appreciation for the sophistication of jazz music.” – Oz Noy

Once again, TrueFire is providing Jazz Guitar Today readers some special video lesson content, Oz Noy’s Improv Wizard!

Check out the videos below and learn more about the course at

“Over the many years of playing all of these styles, I’ve developed an approach that embraces all of their techniques and harmonic approaches, and at the same time allows me to stick with my favorite fender sound.  I’m excited to share many of my go-to techniques and melodic approaches here in Improv Wizard so that you can use some of these ideas in your own music.” – Oz Noy

Here’s a series of video lessons illustrating some of the improvisational strategies courtesy of Oz and TrueFire

(Tabs, notation, backing tracks, and more lessons are available at TrueFire)

Improv Guitar Lesson – #5 Scales for Major ii V

Improv Guitar Lesson – #2 Pentatonic Phrasing

Improv Guitar Lesson – #9 Freedom Jazz Dance

Improv Guitar Lesson – #10 Steroids

Click Here For the Full Oz Noy Jazz Guitar Today Interview

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