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RockBoard Pedalboards Unboxing, Setup a​nd Review



Check out this unboxing, setup and review of the RockBoard by Warwick 2.1 Duo & Tres 3.1. Pedalboards.

Watch as bassist Steve Rosati loads the RockBoard Pedalboard with his pedals for a clean, efficient and sturdy result.

Overview of the RockBoard by Warwick: Thesepedalboardsare well-designed and offer solid construction and a tré cool look that will hold up on any tour or weekend gig. Brushed cold-folded aluminum offers a weld-less chassis and a cavernous space to tuck and hide patch and power cables… let’s take a closer look:

Get off the grid andleave that 60-cycle hum behind. With theRockboard LTXL rechargeable power supplyit will let you go anywhere; you can have all your effects with you – plus – you no longer need to worry about finding a plug in the club. Now you can recharge your phone and run your board at the same time.

The RockBoards are made from cold-rolled aluminum, with a tuff, sleek and sturdy build without any comprise. In essence theRockBoard is rock solid.

The RockBoard is customized to your needs whether it’s a light connected to the board or a dome to soften the light of the LEDS of your pedals.They have literally thought of every need a player may need.

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