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JGT Artist of the Week, Adam Miller


Australian guitarist Adam Miller’s international reputation was built predominantly around solo acoustic guitar, with a refined technique that allows for groove bass lines to be played whilst playing fluid improvised lines. Often compared to Charlie Hunter, Tuck Andress, Julian Lage and Tommy Emmanuel, Miller toured the globe solo for a number of years before returning to record in an ensemble environment for his past two albums – Shifting Units and The Defining Of Success. 

Now based in Los Angeles, Miller was previously a Lecturer in Jazz and Contemporary Guitar at the University of Newcastle, Australia. Being very much a composer has led to both his music and playing having a very melodic focus. The jazz harmony is there, but worked seamlessly into pieces that could almost be considered closer to instrumental pop.

Miller is actively touring the USA now, playing both solo and trio shows, whilst working on material for a new record. 


Miller has already led a diverse musical career that’s seen him perform on many different stages. From late teens he toured in Australia opening and playing with Tommy Emmanuel. From there he’s gone onto play with guitar greats Les Paul,  Charlie Hunter, Adam Levy, Sean McGowan, Molly Miller, Ariel Posen, Tony McManus, but also as varied as Russell Morris (Australian Rock Legend), Morgan Evans (Australian Country Superstar), and even Ben Gillies, drummer of the international rock phenomenon Silverchair.


25 November 1980


Miller has performed solo shows in Afghanistan for Australian & Allied Forces.


Miller was a Downhill Mountain Bike champion as a teenager, and the mountain bike passion remains today, just no competition!


Adam Miller – The Defining of Success


Nik Huber Adam Miller Rietbergen, AM Partscaster, Thorell Archtop, Traugott Fan Fret OO Acoustic, D’Angelico USA Masterbuilt 1942 Replica Archtop, Two-Rock Electric Guitar Amps, Henriksen Bud Acoustic Amp, Grace Design Felix Preamp.


Australian Fingerstyle Guitar Champion 2002 

“Delayed” Top 10 Albums of 2012 – Acoustic Guitar Magazine

Top 25 Future Legends – Australian Guitar Magazine

 Guitarist Deserving Wider Recognition – Guitar International



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