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Chuck Anderson’s St. George ‘Comeback’ Concert



In the last week of August 2018, jazz guitarist extraordinaire Chuck Anderson suffered two massive heart attacks along with other ailments too numerous to mention. For over six months, he was unable to teach or play. Chuck was not sure if he would ever play again…

Chuck entered cardiac rehab and then slowly, with the help of his wife Coreen, as well as the help and support of many friends and fans, he began to get better. At first, he could only play for one or two minutes. Chuck knew he had to build up to 90 minutes if he was going to give concerts again.

Chuck Anderson at St. George ‘Comeback’ Concert

Once Chuck completed cardiac rehab, he began to play more. Each time, he could go a little longer as he felt the strength returning to his hands. 

Chuck made the decision to try for a “comeback” concert. His trio scheduled this special performance in a beautiful old church in Ardmore, PA.  Chuck explains, “it felt like a cross between a cathedral and a castle – very picturesque!”

St. George turned out to be a wonderful venue for jazz.  The Trio, (with Eric Schreiber on bass and Ed Ricks on drums), was ready to perform after all this time.  They had a wonderful audience and the ambiance of the venue was outstanding. The trio played a continuous 90-minute set mixing jazz classics, standards, and originals. From blues to Latin to swing, they played a varied repertoire which the audience seemed to appreciate based on their response.  Chuck, Eric and Ed ended with an encore of Milestones which featured the bass and drums.

JGT: We are thankful for Chuck’s successful recovery. And we hope his performance will inspire other players going through difficult times. Welcome back to performing Chuck!

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