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PRS Guitars Announces the New S2 Vela Semi-Hollow Guitar



PRS Guitars is pleased to announce the brand new S2 Vela Semi-Hollow electric guitar. Adding to the S2 Series offering of all-mahogany models, the S2 Vela Semi-Hollow is a vintage-inspired guitar with loads of personality and tonal textures. 

The S2 Vela Semi-Hollow features an elegant yet striking offset body shape, and the addition of a semi-hollow body and f-hole gives the Vela added attitude and resonance. Its pickguard-loaded electronics feature a PRS Starla “S” pickup in the bridge, providing a bright, chimey tone and a PRS-Designed Type-D Singlecoil in the neck that gives the Vela some noteworthy bite. The coil-tap on the tone control allows the bridge pickup to split to singlecoils, providing a balanced tone that will cut through the mix with style. Anchoring this guitar is the PRS plate-style bridge with two saddles that were designed to compensate for intonation. This bridge harkens back to Paul’s early designs and traditional bass plate-style bridges but is top-loading for easy restringing. Like the bridge found on Paul’s Guitar and some Private Stock models, PRS’s plate-style bridge features brass saddles and an aluminum plate for maximum tonal sustain.

PRS Guitars – S2 Vela Semi-Hollow Guitar

The S2 Vela Semi-Hollow is offered in seven unique finishes, including Antique White, Black, Frost Blue Metallic, Frost Green Metallic, McCarty Tobacco Sunburst, Vintage Cherry, and Walnut. To personalize your guitar even more, additional pickguard color options are available from Authorized PRS Dealers and the PRS Online West Street East Accessories store.

For full specifications and to hear the S2 Vela Semi-Hollow in action, visit

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