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Roni Ben-Hur’s Summer Jazz Camp



July 28-August 3 at UVM in Burlington, Vermont. Featuring Roni Ben-Hur, Helio Alves, Alexis Cole, Ralph Lalama, Harvie S and Sylvia Cuenca

Now in it’s 19th season, Roni Ben-Hur’s Jazz camps have been a way for jazz aficionados to learn from some of the top names in the jazz world, while spending time at beautiful places around the world. 

Photo credit: Janis Wilkins

Jazz guitarist Roni Ben-Hur has earned a sterling reputation as a musician and educator, renowned for his golden tone, improvisational brilliance, compositional lyricism and ability to charm peers, students and listeners alike. 

For more information about the camp, and on how to sign up, please contact Roni Ben-Hur at

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