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JGT Review: Dave Stryker’s – Eight Track III



Dave Stryker continues his exploration of jazz interpretations of pop and R&B greats of the 1970’s with his latest release “Eight Track III”.

The song selection is familiar but each tune contains some pleasant surprises that keep the listener rapt and involved. The instrumentation of guitar (Stryker), organ (Jared Gold), vibes (Stefon Harris), and drums (McClenty Hunter with additional percussion from Mayra Casales on a few selections) make for very comfortable listening and although on the surface these instruments occupy much of the same sonic space, the clean arrangements leave plenty of room for these accomplished musicians to shine. Stryker’s guitar work is impeccable. He is harmonically aggressive when the tune allows for it but pays very close attention to subtle passages with a nuanced approach to melody as well. Stryker’s guitar tone is nothing short of perfectly churned butter, melting into all the right places in the song and leaving just enough grease to remind the listener what a guitar is for. This is a great album that will appeal to more than just jazz fans. It’s a fantastic reminiscence of an epic era of music.

Guest Contributor Mark Herring. Mark is a Regional Sales Manager at Eastman Guitars and Mandolins.

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