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Nigel Price and the New Fibonacci Londoner Model



Fibonacci Guitars is pleased to be doing a series of videos with Nigel Price. On their first series, Nigel can be seen playing on the new Fibonacci Londoner model.

The Londoner is a 17”, thinline with 637mm scaling, floating AVRII bridge, and a floating humbucker containing alnico four and five magnets, with the wound strings coil tapped to allow the clarity to remain in the low end when rolling off treble at the top. This gives the all round richness of tone that Nigel had been searching for.

And, on these videos, they used nothing other than an I-Phone 8, Rode mic, and Filmic Pro app to record them. Nigel is playing through a Mambo amp. We really like the way the acoustics of the guitar are sitting nicely on top of the warmth of the amp.

More demo room videos online at 

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