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VIC JURIS Needs Our Help



A message from Gunnar Mossblad & Dave Stryker

On June 14th, 2019, after a week of unexplained fatigue on his gigs, the great jazz guitarist VIC JURIS, one of kindest and most talented musicians in the world, was diagnosed with metastatic liver cancer. He is currently at St. Barnabas Medical Center in Livingston, NJ, receiving treatment. 

Due to complications, we don’t yet know when Vic will be able to go home, to continue treatment, and work towards recovery, but we’re praying it will be soon.

Kate Baker, Vic’s wife, has informed us that while Vic does have some medical insurance, it only covers part of his needed treatment. It will be a long recovery before he’ll be able to work again so he needs help with his living expenses.

We are reaching out to our great musical community and friends for donations to help Vic through this terrible ordeal.

Most of all…Vic needs our positive loving thoughts and prayers as he travels the difficult road ahead.

Thank you in advance for any words you want to share with Vic and any financial help you would like to offer. Please spread the word.

Vic really needs us…


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