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Organist and Band Member Pat Bianchi Pays Tribute to Pat Martino



First I can’t believe I’ve been in Pat’s Trio (and sometimes Quintet) for 8 years now…

Time does fly, but working with (and for Pat) has been an education to say the least. I specifically say both FOR and WITH  because of course he is a legend and innovator and to play alongside and learn from Pat is a humbling experience and I am grateful to be on HIS bandstand. But I also say “with” simply because what had developed in that group also grew into a friendship as well as a sense of team, camaraderie and family between Pat, Carmen and myself. Something I feel is rare these days in most groups. Of course this also then filtered into the music which of course brought things to another level in that way too.

Pat, Pat and Carmen in concert.

So many things were learned from Pat directly whether it be philosophical outlooks, musical concepts, or stories of his past experiences on the road.

All of which have some vital wisdom interlaced in them. But also so much was learned with out him having to say a word. No matter how hard we played, or tired he might have been, he always made time for his fans after a show and would sit and talk with him. Of course learning to keep the energy and vibe strong thru an entire set, no getting lazy or playing down. I think it is important to observe how someone like Pat can lead from his instrument without having to say a word.

Pat Bianchi – Pat’s organist and band member

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