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Jazz Guitar Today Looks Back at 2019



November 2019: Bireli and Giuseppe are a wonderful example of gifted and hard work… Bireli’s command is so effortless that it is hard to think he ever practiced.  He has been on the scene for so long and yet he is still a young man.  We are so happy he graced our cover.  Giuseppe studied in America at GIT. He has worked his butt off to be the recognized and admired talent that he is.  Everyone that knows Giuseppe respects his playing. VIEW THIS ISSUE

Jazz Guitar Today - November 2019 Issue

“I always loved all kind of music and of course I’ve liked to play them all, I’m trying to always find new directions and new inspirations. I listened to so many musicians throughout my life – it had a huge influence on the way I play.” – Bireli Legrene

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