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D’Angelico Guitars All New Deluxe Series Limited Edition Models



D'Angelico Guitars All New Deluxe Series Limited Edition Models

D’Angelico Guitars Introducing seven new Limited Edition products in its high-end Deluxe Series. Only 50 pieces of each new instrument will be offered worldwide. 

Featuring upgraded electronics, premium tonewoods, and all-new finishes, the Deluxe Series will see the addition of all-new takes on the Atlantic, Brighton and Ludlow solid-bodies, as well as the completely reimagined Bedford SH—an offset three-pickup semi-hollow solid body. The semi-hollow DC, SS and 175 also join the fleet. Check out a preview of the new products below and be sure to stop by their Room 212AB at the Winter NAMM Show, or follow along with our social media coverage @dangelicony on all platforms. 

Deluxe DC

Re-designed for 2020, the Deluxe DC is a performance-driven double cutaway semi-hollow boasting sweet, crystalline tone. All new Seymour Duncan Seth Lover A4 humbuckers offer visceral depth and robust dimension while a standard three-way toggle switch and coil-splitting push/pull tone knobs allow for easy tonal variation. An ebony fingerboard paired with the DC’s 16-inch-wide semi-hollow body makes for remarkable sustain, while an optional D’Angelico Shield Tremolo offers ethereal vibrato. .

Deluxe SS

Revamped for 2020, the Deluxe SS reasserts itself as a stunning modern semi-hollow. All new Seymour Duncan Seth Lover A4 humbuckers offer a new level of depth and dimension in their rich, full-bodied tone while a standard three-way toggle switch and coil-splitting push/pull tone knobs allow for seamless tonal variation. Featuring satin finishes and an ebony fingerboard on a slim C-shape neck profile, the Deluxe SS is sonically, visually, and ergonomically entrancing. 

Deluxe 175

Re-introducing the Deluxe 175, a dizzying display of modern aesthetics and vintage features. Hosting two Seymour Duncan Psyclone Vintage humbuckers and coil-splitting push/pull tone knobs, the 175 ranges from throaty rockabilly to feathery acoustic tones with ease. A fully-hollow sixteen-inch-wide and nearly three-inch-deep body paired with the D’Angelico Shield Tremolo offers waves of sustain, all while a slim neck profile and ebony fingerboard promise player-friendly comfort.

Deluxe Ludlow

The Deluxe Ludlow combines performance-driven features with an unforgettable aesthetic. Designed for maximum playability and monster sustain, the Ludlow’s unique oversized body shape allows for effortless fingerboard access, while a slim neck profile retains comfort. All-new Seymour Duncan Seth Lover A4’s offer remarkable dimension, while coil-splitting push/pull tone knobs allow the Ludlow to offer a huge range of tones. 

Deluxe Bedford SH

Introducing the Deluxe Bedford SH, a semi-hollow spin on our flagship solid-body and tonal dream machine. Featuring a sleek, modern f-hole design on the upper bout, the Bedford SH integrates a warm acoustic element into its three-pickup electronics configuration. The combination of two Seymour Duncan Five-Two’s in the neck and middle positions followed by a Seymour Duncan SM-1b mini-humbucker in the bridge creates a full-bodied tonal profile, while a 5-way blade makes tone selection simple.

Deluxe Atlantic

A reimagination of a classic shape, the Deluxe Atlantic is a powerful single-cutaway solid-body. Now strapped with the all-new Seymour Duncan Seth Lover A4 humbuckers and an ebony fingerboard, the Atlantic boasts deep, rich tones that can snap into crystalline single-coil sounds with push/pull coil-splitting tone knobs. A deep belly cut and thinner body depth keep the Atlantic lightweight, while a natural satin finish slim-C neck shape guarantees comfort.

Deluxe Brighton 

Emerging as a fan favorite in the solid-body collection, the Deluxe Brighton is a curvy double-cutaway built for performance. Featuring deep cutaways that provide easy access to the highest frets and a lightweight body design, the Brighton prioritizes the player in every sense. Stunning Seymour Duncan Seth Lover A4’s paired with a swamp ash body offer sweet vintage tone and endless sustain, while an ebony fingerboard with medium-jumbo frets on a natural satin neck make for premium feel. 

Only 50 of each available worldwide. In stores & online this Thursday, January 16th, 2020

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