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Yamaha Launches NX Series Nylon-String Acoustic-Electric Guitar Series



Yamaha today launched the NX Series of six nylon-string acoustic-electric guitars featuring contemporary body styles and proprietary preamp/pickup systems.

The Yamaha NTX models (NTX1, NTX3 and NTX5) were designed to make it easy for electric and steel-string acoustic guitar players to add the warmth and beauty of nylon-string sounds to their tonal palettes. NTX guitars have slimmer bodies, shallower neck profiles, and narrower fingerboards than classical guitars, providing a more familiar playing experience, while 22-fret and 24-fret (NTX5) necks extend their range beyond that of standard nylon-string instruments. The NCX models (NCX1, NCX3, and NCX5) have classical-style neck profiles and fingerboards and were designed primarily for experienced nylon-string players in search of superior amplified sound. All include strap pins.

The NTX3, NTX5, NCX3 and NCX5 guitars incorporate the Atmosfeel® preamp and pickup system, which provides consistently balanced and natural amplified sound even at full performance volumes. An integrated undersaddle piezo pickup with individual string sensors captures only the mid and low frequencies (eliminating the characteristic brittleness of piezo pickups), a unique synthetic sheet transducer captures the highs and an internal microphone captures overall body resonance and “airiness.” The sound from these elements is blended within the Atmosfeel preamp, and adjusted using the Mic Blend, Treble EQ, and Master Volume controls. The NTX1 and NCX1 guitars incorporate the same integrated piezo pickup, along with preamps featuring 3-band equalizers with adjustable mid frequencies.

The acoustic sound of the NX Series guitars is also superb. Careful wood selection combined with renowned Yamaha craftsmanship results in instruments of exceptional playability and tone. All NX guitars have solid tops, including solid European spruce on the NTX5 and NCX5 models.

Pricing and Availability

NX Series guitars are expected to ship Spring 2020.

  • NCX5: MSRP: $3,020.00
  • NTX5: MSRP: $3,020.00
  • NCX3: MSRP: $1,700.00
  • NTX3: MSRP: $1,700.00
  • NCX1FM: MSRP: $910.00
  • NCX1: MSRP: $740.00
  • NTX1: MSRP: $740.00

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