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In the video, see Carlos Lopez, Master Builder from the Fender Custom Shop, change the way we look at building guitars.

Making the Marauder
Carlos Lopez – Master Builder

Carlos brings back to life The Marauder, one of the rarest instruments ever made by Fender,  This guitar was first built in 1965 but never saw the light of day – Lopez was determined to change that as soon as he became a builder. Check out the video documentary above to see just how he brought this guitar back to life.

About Carlos

Carlos Lopez first came to Fender as a builder on the production line, fueled by his lifelong passion for guitar building. After just one year on the production line, he was asked to join the Fender Custom Shop, where he spent the next eight years fine-tuning his skills in all aspects of guitar building. In 2015, he was promoted to Apprentice Master Builder for esteemed Fender Master Builder, Todd Krause, where he worked hand-in-hand on high profile projects for top artists. Some of his favorite builds are those for Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Robbie Robertson, and Robin Trower. In his new position as Fender Custom Shop Master Builder, Lopez is most looking forward to having the creative control to bring his “ideas to life amongst the best of the best” and revealing them to the world at NAMM. 

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