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A Taste of ‘Honey’



Jazz guitarist Tim Lerch thanks luthier Linda Manzer for a special guitar. In the video, Tim provides interesting details and gives us a little sample of his new guitar, ‘Honey’.

Tim Lerch: Linda Manzer has made an extraordinary instrument for me. Basically a Blue Note Model but with a few differences to suit my requests. She listened very closely to my ideas and concerns.  Even when my preferences were a bit unconventional she was open and courageous. She kept me well informed about progress and asked important questions when they arose.  

Linda Manzer Honey Guitar
Linda Manzer’s ‘Honey’ Guitar

The process was joyful and filled with humor, short bouts of anxiety and sustained excitement. When the day came for Linda to present the guitar to me, I was filled with the kind of joy that only a lifetime of waiting can provide, not that I had to wait a lifetime for her to build it, that when pretty quickly, but I have been waiting my whole life to have an instrument of such superior quality and artfulness to help me manifest the music I have been imagining for so long. The playability, sound and form of “Honey”  thrill me every time I pick her up. As we get to know each other I am discovering new pleasures and inspirations. 

Tim: Thank you Linda for creating such a beautiful instrument to go with me on my musical journey.

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