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Keeping up with… Eleonora Strino



Italian jazz guitarist Eleonora Strino performs ‘Historia de un Amor’ during Italy’s quarantine (video).

Eleonora: I loved the song “Historia de un Amor” since I heard it in a beautiful Italian film about the life of a “famous” mafia man, Tommaso Buscetta. The film is called “The Traitor”. [Spoiler Alert] In the end, Tommaso Buscetta was put on a helicopter, and in front of him, there is another helicopter with his wife tied to a rope. For the scene, the director decides to insert this song. 

I tried to do it a little bit more mine and jazzier. You know, jazzmen/women always want to make something more complicated than it is. So at the end, I did the first part more similar it is, the second with open harmony and open strings, I change completely the B part trying to put a different chord for each movement and at the very end (last A section) I transformed the song in major form minor changing tonality (the song is in Dm and I go in E Major). Everything I worked out in the song, I did just because I have a lot of time in my quarantine…ha!

What’s new?

I’m being contacted also by several producers to make an album, many would like me to try to enter the pop market. I’m evaluating the idea. 

How is the situation in Italy?

The situation has improved. We are now in the FASE 2 (SECOND STEP). We can go to see parents and go to the park but just in the same region. In the south of Italy (I was born in Napoli), the situation is better: there are fewer cases. In the north where I am now, it’s different: the situation here is still under control because there are still a lot of cases, so it’s possible we could go back into quarantine. If so, I will work on another beautiful song.

Also, it is better for government support. Our president decided to extend the subsidy to the people that did not receive anything in the first stage. He understands that Italy has a lot of immigrant workers and because of this, he is trying to help everyone. Maybe some help for musicians this time! TBD

jazz guitarist Eleonora Strino
Eleonora during the quarantine

What’s next?

So everything seems to go in the right way, step by step. Maybe I could write a song opposite to Coltrane’s one, called “Little steps”!

Jazz Guitar Today thanks Eleonora for her contribution – and good luck!

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