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My Top 10 Influential​ Jazz Albums – Bill Farrish



Jazz Guitar Today continues to reach out to players to ask the question, “What albums influenced you and your playing style?”

I was asked by Bob Bakert to submit a list of what I consider my personal top 10 most influential jazz recordings. My first thought after reading his email was “Impossible!”, I can’t do it.  There are too many recordings I love and I know as soon as it’s published I will feel foolish for leaving something out. Anyway, since this list changes for me week to week, I’ve decided to keep it strictly to jazz recordings I find myself constantly coming back to. 

1. Miles Smiles– Miles Davis, Wayne Shorter, Herbie Hancock, Ron Carter and Tony Williams.

 This entire recording, the interplay, the approach to time, the adventurousness of the improvisations. This album changed the world and completely redefined jazz. No way around it. A complete education in how it’s done for anyone willing to do the legwork. 

Top 10 Influential​ Jazz Albums Continued

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