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New Lesson Arrangement Series From Vince Lewis



In this new JGT Series, jazz guitarist Vince Lewis provides his arrangement of the classic Leon Russell song.

Written and recorded by Leon Russell in 1972 This Masquerade became an instant pop hit.  One of the most popular versions was by George Benson in 1976 included in his “Breezin'” album and along with the title tune sent him to the top of the charts immediately. 

The original is written in the key of Fm; however, I placed this chart in Am as the chord voicings are much more guitar-friendly.  This type of tune is invaluable to the solo guitarist to mix in with the mostly swing standards that are generally played.  This arrangement is mid-level in terms of difficulty and should be enjoyable to play for intermediate chord melody players in a short length of time.

This Masquerade

Guitar Arrangement by Vince LewisMusic by Leon Russell

Vince Lewis Arrangement For Educational Purposes

More Vince Lewis Arrangements to come!

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