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Now, How to End this Song?



JGT contributor Bill Farrish shares some great ways to end a song.

A question that always seems to come up with students is “How do I end this song?” This month let’s take a look at some endings that will hopefully answer a few questions and get you started creating some of your own endings.

Chromatically down from the #IV of the Key (played after the last II V of the song) Typically used when the last melody note of the song is the Tonic.

How to End a Song #1
How to End a Song #2
How to End a Song #3

If you’ve listened to any music of the Swing Era chances are you’ve heard the horn section play this enduing. I learned it while studying the music of George Van Eps and have always referred to it as the Van Eps Tag. I used the “Van Eps” ending on this one below.

Also, keep in mind, sometimes the best ending in the world is just play the I chord.

Have fun with these endings!

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