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Documentary film Anacostia Delta: The Legacy of DC’s TeleMasters



Documentary film exploring Washington D.C.’s unique genre-blending guitar music and its heroes Danny Gatton and Roy Buchanan.

After six years in the making…on September 4th, 2020, Anacostia Delta, a brand new documentary celebrating music unique to Washington, D.C. and championed by the late Danny Gatton and Roy Buchanan will be released on DVD and digital download.

Directed by Bryan Reichhardt with musical director John Previti, the film explores the universe of live music that permeated the culture of Washington, D.C. in the post-WWII era. “Every kind of music found a home here,” says Previti, who was born and raised in the area and was Gatton’s bassist for 19 years. “The Route 301 corridor had clubs, Georgetown had clubs, downtown DC had clubs. They were everywhere, and you could hear every kind of music played by the very best.” 

Anacostia Delta features interviews with celebrity guitarists Nils Lofgren, Mike Stern, Albert Lee, and Vince Gill.

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