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Arrangement From Vince Lewis: You Made Me Love You



Jazz guitarist Vince Lewis continues his JGT Arrangement Series with another classic song.

You Made Me Love You was written in 1913 by Al Jolson and this tune has never lost popularity in traditional Jazz circles. Usually played at a medium tempo this arrangement offers some extended chord voicings that may be new to some players but are not difficult to play.  The more sounds that Jazz Guitarists experience in playing chord melodies the better vocabulary there is to draw upon later.  Guitarists that learn chord melody arrangements are generally more adept at developing stronger single-note lines in their solos due to hearing these new voicings and positions and substitutions.

You Made Me Love You

Guitar Arrangement by Vince Lewis

Words by J. McCarthy; Music by J. Monaco 

Vince Lewis Arrangement For Educational Purposes

More Vince Lewis Arrangements to come!

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