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JGT Masterworks: Scharpach’s Blue Vienna 20th Anniversary



Theo Scharpach’s 20th Anniversary Blue Vienna was created from the famous Scott Chinery collection of Blue Archtop Guitars.

Jazz Guitar Today continues our series of highly desirable guitars.

The guitar below was made in 2014 for Tobias Neumann in Sweden. This version came with small improvements to the original. Tobias had seen the original from the Scott Chinery collection and fell in love with it. He waited almost 20 years before able to order.

Theo Scharpach explains:

“As a guitar maker, I understand that the guitars created in my workshop are in fact individual sound sculptures. The creative process, from the search of the sound wood to the varnishing of the guitar takes many hundreds of hours. But my work as a guitar maker has only come to its final goal when the instrument becomes his unique voice.”

“Even though I have developed my own formal language over decades and every instrument bears my artistic signature, the work of art that is created on my workbench is not the obvious sculpture. It is the sound that draws in its power, its richness of colors, and its fine modulation from well-worked resonances. The resonance profile is like an acoustic color palette, which lets the musician paint with his instrument.”

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