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Jazz Guitar Today Interview with Modern Guitar Virtuoso, Fareed Haque



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Guitarist Fareed Haque talks to Jazz Guitar Today’s Bob Bakert about his diversity of influences and styles. Video interview.

There are thousands of great players out there and many get recognition from the audiences- but only a select handful get recognition from their peers. Fareed had me at Sting… but add to his list of musical collaborators – Tony Monaco, Joe Zawinul, and really a very long list of modern contemporary artists.

Fareed Haque is a modern guitar virtuoso who weaves and blends musical styles and cultures in a seamless effortless fashion.

He is technically spot on and musically fun, a treat for the ears.  Fareed’s parents, from Pakistan and Chile while he was growing up exposed him to many diverse musical influences and cultures.  Formally educated in Jazz at North Texas State and Classical at Northwestern University he draws upon both disciplines to create his “ voice”. To learn his complete biography check out

Enjoy my conversation with Fareed Haque.

Fareed Haque
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