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Inspiration​ to Help ‘Find Your Own Voice’



JGT contributor Chuck Anderson provides some advice and inspiration​ to help musicians find their voices.

I have always felt that music should reflect the uniqueness of the individual. Developing your own sound, your own voice is important in the evolution of your “style” or identity.

Guitar players focus so much on their favorite guitar players that they often neglect learning music itself – the principles and tools of music. An emphasis on tablature has prevented most players from even learning the basic written language of music.

Work and explore sound – your own sound. Accept the fact that music is a marathon journey and not a quick sprint.

Copying another player slows down your own progress in finding your own voice. Your voice makes you different from every other player. Being different is a good thing. It is nothing to fear,

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Some quotes from Bill Evans reinforced this idea:

 “To imitate someone is to insult them.”

 “You give up your own personality when you imitate somebody.”

 “Keep searching for that sound you hear in your head until it becomes a reality.”

 “Art should teach spirituality by showing a person a portion of himself that he would not discover otherwise.”

From Miles Davis:

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“Sometimes you have to play a long time to be able to play like yourself.” 

Be bold and play what you love!  Chuck

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