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Top 10 Great Jazz Guitar Solos



Guitarist, educator, and Jazz Guitar Today contributor Bill Hart provides his Top 10 Great Jazz Guitar Solos. See what you think – and comment on our social media!

Guitarist and educator Bill Hart

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Charlie Christian – I Found a New Baby

Charlie has somewhat of a New Orleans swing field. This tune has a short but sweet solo. This solo is very easy to hear and very clean to figure out.

Charlie Byrd Trio – The Bossa Nova Years

The difference here is Charlie uses a nylon string guitar approaching it like a classical player with his fingers. Playing brilliant jazz lines.

George Benson – On Broadway

On this tune George plays fast 16th notes very clean. He uses a lot of chromaticism and is a master of outlining the changes. Not to mention his phrasing is impeccable.

Wes Montgomery – Bumpin’ on Sunset

This is a very model tune for Wes. It’s very easy to hear what he is thinking as he plays using octaves. Occasionally he will use a fifth with the octaves. Also, will slide the octaves separately. Sliding the low note followed by the top note, still an active apart.

Top 10 Great Jazz Guitar Solos Continued…

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