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Introducing JGT’s New Series – Ted Ludwig’s ‘Lick of the Week’



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In this new weekly JGT series, Ted Ludwig features a new jazz guitar lick over a common chord progression or static chord.

Ted explains the concept behind the lick and demonstrates it at a slow tempo and at full speed. Come back every week to get a new idea to explore and broaden your musical horizon.

Ted Ludwig ii-V-I

This Lick fits over a ii-V-I in C Major and utilizes the triad pair concept. We can play a pair of major triads against each chord. Dmin7 has a parental scale of D Dorian. I play a G Major triad (G B D) and F Major triad (F A C). These notes are present in the parental D Dorian scale. The G7 Altered takes an Ab Melodic Minor scale. The Eb triad (Eb G Bb) and Db triad (Db F Ab) pair borrows from the Ab Melodic Minor. This gives us a cool intervallic concept that is very distinctive in its sound.

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