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My Absolute Favorite Top 10 Jazz Guitar Solos



Allen Holdsworth – Isotope, None Too Soon CD: This is one great cool blues in a higher atmosphere! Allen takes solo last but jeez what a crazy ride! Modernistic for sure I Dig It! 

Frank Gambale – Stella by Starlight, Absolutely live in Poland: Franks stunning and really plays the changes with fire and cool notes and phrases…Love it!

Billy Rogers – Billy’s Bop Jazz Guitar Legend: The 1st cut on this CD might pull you to the ground and pick yourself up with laughter it is so good! What fluidity! A Legend went too soon…Sounds like he was hanging with George Benson or is it the other way around..a must-have CD!

Bireli LaGrene – Stella by Starlight live video on Youtube on Giuseppe’s channel. Bireli is playing on a Gibson Wes L5 on this video concert he’s so exciting and fresh…full of surprises oh Yeah!!!

George Benson – Being with You, In Your Eyes CD: A gorgeous slow pop/ jazz ballad instrumental that only George Benson can deliver! Tone, Lines, Feeling, Fire, space, octaves with a 3rd 4th, or 5th. Masterful Phrasings worth transcribing this is a Masterpiece and I Love it!!! 

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