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Fretboard Biology Releases Level 3 Curriculum



Fretboard Biology Releases Level 3 Curriculum

Fretboard Biology… New Installment of Online Video Lessons Explore 7th Chords, Blues Harmony, Reggae & Country Rhythm Styles, & More.

Fretboard Biology today released Level 3 of its innovative online guitar curriculum. Designed to teach players the theoretical and practical aspects of guitar, Fretboard Biology is a comprehensive program that helps guitarists take their playing to a professional level. Featuring over 500 multi-angle videos along with interactive exercises, learning resources, optional private instruction and more, the program teaches the skills and concepts essential to becoming a well-rounded guitar player. Covering roughly eight semesters’ worth of instruction, Fretboard Biology is the only online lesson platform that combines all the depth of a college-level program with the low cost and convenience of self-paced learning.

The curriculum is organized into eight Levels, each of which offers 10 Units that feature separate modules (lessons) for music theory, fretboard application, technique, improvisation/soloing, rhythm guitar and practice routines. Following the launch of Level 1 and Level 2, the newly released Level 3 explores 7th chords, including their construction, major and minor scales harmonized with 7th chords, and harmonic analysis. Soloing using chord tones, blues soloing techniques and rhythm guitar patterns for reggae and country are introduced, along with “Money Makers” — common licks and riffs every guitar player should know.

“Online videos can be a great way to improve your playing, but very often, players are left to figure out which videos or websites are worth their time, plus it can be frustrating to piece your music education together by yourself,” says lead instructor and Fretboard Biology CEO Joe Elliott. “The learning can also be incomplete because sometimes guitarists don’t know what they should be working on to really make progress with their playing.

“Unlike other options, Fretboard Biology is not a huge library of random guitar videos. It’s a thorough, step-by-step curriculum based on a method that’s proven to get results,” Elliott notes. The former Director of Education and Vice President of Musicians Institute in Hollywood, Calif., Elliott brings more than 30 years of experience teaching thousands of students, including players who have gone on to become some of the most in-demand guitarists in the industry.

The learning platform is endorsed by some of the industry’s best guitar instructors, including David Mash (Berklee College of Music) and Greg Koch, who Guitar World ranked among the greatest all-star guitar teachers (2020). Fretboard Biology offers a complete, systematic approach that makes it easy for guitarists with basic skills to improve their playing and unlock their full musical and creative potential.

Member subscriptions are priced at $29 per month and new members can sign up for a free seven-day trial. Members also have the option to purchase an annual membership for $299, a cost savings of nearly 15%.

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