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What You Need To Know About Rhythm, Lesson #2



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In this 2nd lesson of the series, Tom Lippincott covers a subject that doesn’t get talked about nearly enough in the jazz guitar world: Rhythm.

Rhythm is Everything…Plenty of instructional material covering melody and harmony on the guitar is already available, but few jazz guitarists have a concrete idea of how to systematically work on rhythm. These lessons will show you how to improve your overall rhythmic sense as well as give you practical applications for the concepts.

Example 1: quarter-note triplets

Example 2: displaced quarter-note triplets

Think of as quarter note triplets starting on Beat 2 or starting on the “And” of 4.

Example 3: switching between regular quarter-note triplets and displaced quarter-note triplets

Stay tuned for the next lessons in the series!

Guitarist Tom Lippincott Photo Credit: Phil Avello

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