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Innovative Guitar Education Program Reaches Significant Milestone



Innovative Guitar Education Program Reaches Significant Milestone

Fretboard Biology announced today that it has released the fourth course in its breakthrough professional online guitar education program.

This innovative program is designed to meet the increasing need for affordable college-level online guitar education to equip students with the practical knowledge and necessary skills for a career in music.

Fretboard Biology’s co-founder, a 30-year music education veteran and former Vice President of Education for Musician’s Institute in Hollywood and guitar program director at McNally Smith College of Music, Joe Elliott, said “Since the program’s release 18 months ago, we have experienced solid growth in enrollment. The overwhelming feedback from our students has been about how valuable this program has been to their progress as musicians.” Joe added, “The Fretboard Biology program is not easy, and it requires a lot of work. It has been a pleasant surprise to see how many guitar players out there want to put in the work to be great players. They just needed some direction and a plan of action to get there.”

The release of Level 4 represents the first half of the complete 8-level Fretboard Biology program.

According to co-founder, Todd Berntson, “we are thrilled that Level 4 has launched. It is a challenging course for sure, and introduces some advanced concepts, like soloing over non-diatonic harmony, building more complex chords from shell voicings, and efficient techniques for on-site transposition. We are now moving forward on the production of Level 5 and expect to release it in the coming months.” 

This program is now available online at, and textbooks are available on  Just like any college-level program, Fretboard Biology is not designed for the beginner. Prospective students are expected to have basic competence on the guitar.

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