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New Release from Reza Khan, Imaginary Road



Guitarist Reza Khan paints a soundtrack for one’s thoughts on Imaginary Road, creating a musical road trip.

In his career, Reza Khan has created his own musical world, performing music that is often easy-listening but never predictable. His guitar solos, while inspired at times by Pat Metheny, Lee Ritenour and Wes Montgomery, have their own musical personality.

On Imaginary Road, his sixth album as a leader, Khan is joined by his longtime band (pianist Matt King, bassist Mark Egan, drummer Maurizio Zottarelli and, on two selections, rhythm and Brazilian guitarist Sergio Pereira) along with welcome guest appearances from David Mann (on soprano, flute and other wind instruments), electric guitarist Miles Gilderdale (best-known for his work with Acoustic Alchemy), and Philippe Saisse on keyboards.


Guitars: Reza Khan – Nylon and Electric Guitar, Sergio Pereira* – Rhythm Guitar & Classical, Miles Gilderdale** – Electric Lead Guitar, David Mann – Strings and Wind Instruments, Rhythm Section: Maurizio Zottarelli – Drums, Mark Egan – Bass, Fernando Saci – Percussion

Keyboards and Sound Design: Matt King – Piano, Philippe Saisse – Synth, Moog, Melodion and Mallets

Check out Reza Khan at his site.

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