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Fender Adds 200W Addition to Tone Master® Amp Line



Tone Master® Amp Line is a perfect replication of the legendary tube amplifier with modern features for today’s most demanding professionals.

This Tone Master amp features Fender’s proprietary Tone Master® modeling process, combined with player-centric features to maximize utility, this amp is a magical combination of a mid-’60s black panel amplifier circuit and four 10″ speakers. It’s got the unique beefy sound of the large 4×10 cabinet, the chime of Jensen speakers, and an easily driven mid-powered 45W (simulated) amplifier.

Tone Master – Super Reverb
  • 200W into 4Ω (Simulates 45W Tube Amp Performance)
  • Four 10” Jensen®P10R Alnico Speakers
  • 4 inputs (1/4″, Two Normal and Two Vibrato)
  • USB port

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