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How To Make Chord Melodies Easily Playable



Stumped by chord melodies? In this Jazz Guitar Today lesson, Vince Lewis will explain how to make chord melodies easily playable.

How To Make Chord Melodies Easily Playable: This classic composition is one of the simpler chord melodies taken from my personal library of over 800 custom arrangements I have done over the past few years. The first step for you is to play through the melody line exactly in the positions indicated by the tablature.  This is important as the chord voicings are going to be placed under the melody notes in these exact locations.

Some of These Days

Words and Music by Shelton Brooks

Arrangement by Vince Lewis – Standard Tuning

Educational Purposes Only

There is a little more shifting of positions when playing through the single notes than if you were just reading the melody.  The reason for this is always the need to add the harmony underneath later to fill out the tune and make it an effective solo guitar arrangement.  Take your time with this step and familiarize yourself with the basics of the melody line and the feel of the song.

Then you can go straight to the chord melody arrangement, and see how the tune fits nicely right on top of the chords.  The fingerings are fairly basic, even on the extended chords.  I have included an MP3 of this arrangement recorded on my Ralston VL Custom 16 guitar so that you can hear how the harmonization flows right along with the melody.  Enjoy….

Some of These Days

Words and Music by Shelton Brooks

Arrangement by Vince Lewis

Educational Purposes Only

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