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Jimmy Bruno Talks About His Musical Outlook



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Jazz Guitar Today’s Bob Bakert talked with Jimmy Bruno over two days about his style, musical outlook and much more…

Bob Bakert, Editor: Jimmy Bruno is a guitar genius!  There, I said it!  But, most of you already know that.  Jimmy is also famous for gruffly saying exactly what he thinks, some would say “no filter”.   But, beneath that tough exterior is a gentle guitar giant.  He is one of my favorite people.  I always look forward to our conversations and am often stunned by his intellect and the depth of knowledge he posses on a wide variety of subjects.   He is always quick to build up other players, and, to be fair, be highly critical of players he believes have undue fame and reputation.  We sat down and talked over two days and Jimmy answers questions about his style and musical outlook.  It was such a pleasure and honor to capture Jimmy this way, A Jimmy many have not seen.

We at JGT are very proud of our relationship with this great player.  Enjoy Jimmy Bruno.

And some comments from others in the biz…

Roger Sadowsky: Jimmy Bruno is hands down, one of my all-time favorite guitar players.  I had the opportunity to meet him at the first and only World Guitar Conference in Towson MD, back in 2004.  I had just released the Jim Hall Model and Jimmy asked if he could borrow it for a performance he was doing.  He fell in love with the guitar and as Rick Blaine says to Capt. Renault at the end of Casablanca, “this was the beginning of a beautiful friendship”.

Jimmy started off with the Jim Hall model as we began to prototype his signature model.  It was a 15” body, 2-¾” body depth, and a 1-11/16” nut width.   5 ply maple laminate construction with ebony bridge and fingerboard.   At various times he owned and played almost everything I made, including a Semi-Hollow, an early prototype LS-15, and a solid body.

Jimmy Bruno Model

“Jimmy Bruno is one of my favorite players! His eclectic style of playing is filled with excitement and strong melodic sophistication. He exemplifies the old-school jazz guitar tradition combined with a modern sensibility. He is truly a living legend!” – Ted Ludwig 

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