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New Fretboard Theory Volume VIII Video & Book



Leon Rodriguez lectures and demonstrates the relationship between the Diminished 7th chord to Dominant 7th chord.

A Course on Music Theory for Guitarists: Understanding the symmetry within music theory and relaying it to the 6 X 12 matrix that is the fretboard, will give you a totally controllable vision of the fretboard.  Notice the notes that touch the corners of these two “diamonds”.  Four equidistant points a minor third apart is where it begins.  Don’t miss this adventure into fretboard control.

Leon Rodriguez: Music has symmetry, order, and system. The guitar too has symmetry, order, and system. Understanding how, where, and why these two symmetries interlock into a physically accessible common method makes us better musicians. Being a better musician makes us better guitarists. Better able to access a musical vision. This video course with its accompanying book will show and explain how to get all 12 dominant 7th chords in any position in a systematic method that gives us a perspective on how we shift the symmetry of both music and fretboard to yield one complete perspective on the Dominant 7th chord. The graphics, notation, fretboard diagrams, and tablature explain and clarify this intervallic nature of thinking of dominant 7th chords. All chords are demonstrated by the author in the video. Any place we lay our hands on the fretboard gives about two and a half octaves. Systemizing that potential into a complete chromatic set of dominant 7ths moves your music forward in a simple logical approach. Another layer to add to your vision.

Click this link to purchase the volume as a PDF digital view.  Video & Book: Leon lectures and demonstrates the relationship between the Diminished 7th chord to Dominant 7th chord demonstrating how to arrive at all 12 chromatic Dominant 7th’s chords in any position to give you 144 Dominant 7th’s chords across the 12 positions. 

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