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New Godin A4 Ultra Natural and A5 Ultra Natural Basses



Not 6 string guitars…but pretty cool. Godin Guitars announces the launch of the A4 Ultra Natural and A5 Ultra Natural Basses as part of its bass lineup. 

The semi-acoustic A4 & A5 basses are both outfitted with a two-chambered Canadian Laurentian Basswood body, Solid Spruce top, Hard Rock Maple neck, and Richlite fingerboard. The A4 & A5 are also equipped with top-mounted thumb rests to ensure a comfortable playing position.

What sets both the A4 & A5 apart is the two-voice pickup system and onboard controls. This allows the player to choose between the low-profile Lace Sensor magnetic pickup for a modern and dynamic sound or the individual LR Baggs saddle transducers in the bridge that offer an authentic acoustic double bass sound.

The magnetics are controlled by volume and tone knobs mounted on the side of the body, with the LR Baggs saddle transducers being controlled by a custom-designed top-mounted preamp. These ergonomic sliders allow you to adjust: volume, treble, mid, and bass EQ, as well as saturation control to give your tone more warmth. There is also a ‘Fat switch’ selector to provide a mid-low boost, which reinforces the presence.  

The A4 & A5 both offer two individual output jacks as well as a combined ‘mix’ output for added versatility.

Thanks to its unique design and innovative electronics, the Godin A4 & A5 Ultra Natural Fretless Semi-Acoustic Basses open up a world of sonic possibilities.

Built entirely in Canada.

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