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New Album: Fabrizio Savino, “The Rising Sun”



New Abum: Fabrizio Savino, “The Rising Sun”

Fabrizio Savino, “The Rising Sun”…

“The Rising Sun”, the new and fourth album by modern jazz guitaristFabrizio Savino, is available on all streaming and download platforms including Apple Music.

The album is also physically distributed worldwide byInner Urge Recordsthrough the, inBeneluxby Xango Music and will soon be available also inJapan, TaiwanandHong Kongthrough the Albore Jazz distributor.

Two weeks after its release, the album has over80,000plays only on theSpotify platform andhas been selected by the editors and included in important playlists such as “State of Jazz”, “Jazz X- Press” and “All new Jazz”. The song“Rebirth”was selected and played, accompanied by a beautiful introduction to the album for the Anglo-Saxon audience, by presenter Chris Philips of the London radio stationJazz FM UK.

After the success of his previous production“Gemini”that has won many awards and was broadcast by the most important worldwide radios (France, Norway, Germany, Italy, Greece, Spain, Finland, USA, Canada and Japan),Savino brings rock sounds through a deep contemporary jazz language. With“The rising sun”Savino explores many sonorities and composes music starting from an inner analysis. The main topic of the album is the“Rebirth”.

The musical journey it’s the transposition of inner energies through the music language and the spiritual research with the practice of meditation and yoga.

The songs of the album were composed over a period of one year and embrace many of the musical forms that have always fascinated the author who was able to translate them into the line-up that best represents him: theGuitar Trio.

The modern jazz sound that distinguishes him is intertwined with the sounds that most influenced his adolescence, the rock ofFrank ZappaandJimi Hendrix.

“The Rising Sun”is a musical journey that mix of eleven tracks, two standards and nine original compositions one of which includes an arrangement for string quartet.

To complete the line-up there are the Italian double bass playerLuca Alemanno and the German drummerSebastian Merk,musicians with whom Savino has a particular musical, artistic and human affinity.

For the release of the album, theofficial video clipwas published on Youtube and on the Facebook and Instagram pages of the label and the artist.

On October 16th was published a video animation, entirely hand made with the technique of ink on paper by the graphic designer Marika Mastrandrea of theMM Visual Communication Design Studio,for the song of the album with the string quartet“So close and yet so far “.

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