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New Fender Hybrid Acoustasonic Player Telecaster



Fender has been changing the way musicians make sounds with the various models of the American Acoustasonic platform. 

The Fender Hybrid Acoustasonic Player Telecaster is specifically designed to meet the needs of younger, rising players and make musical creativity more obtainable from live performances to studio sessions and songwriting. 

Acoustasonic Player Telecaster

After five years of planning, building, and refining the model, the Acoustasonic® Player Telecaster® is designed to inspire and invoke creativity like its American-made predecessor. With a simplified set of features consisting of a 3-way Voice Selector and one powerful Blend Knob, the Acoustasonic® Player Telecaster® is Fender’s most streamlined hybrid model yet. A powerful pickup system designed in collaboration with Fishman® allows players to flip seamlessly between big electric tones and iconic acoustic voicings, while the fully hollow, naturally-resonant Telecaster® body offers rich acoustic warmth when unplugged. Priced at $1,199, the Acoustasonic® Player Telecaster® is the most accessible Acoustasonic® guitar yet, specifically designed to reach younger demographics and make musical creativity more obtainable from live performances to studio sessions and songwriting.

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