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Vince Lewis Arrangement of “Fly Me To The Moon”



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Jazz guitarist Vince Lewis continues his JGT Arrangement Series with another classic song, Fly Me To The Moon.

This arrangement of the classic Jazz Standard “Fly Me To The Moon” is a mid-level chord melody.  It uses some extended chords and substitutions, and the melody notes are always present on top of the chords. Songs like this one are a great starting point for aspiring Jazz Guitarists to begin to explore this style of solo guitar playing.  The melody lines are not complex which makes voicing the chords underneath a fairly simple task. Always remember to emphasize the chords on the strong beats of the measures so that the listener never loses the intent of the composer and the meaning of the song.    

Fly Me To The Moon

Arrangement by Vince Lewis Song by B. Howard

Vince Lewis Arrangement For Educational Purposes

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